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Gurgaon based Startup Designifying is accelerating innovations in product manufacturing industries by providing prototyping solutions in designing, reverse engineering and additive manufacturing.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) has ranked India as the 57th most innovative nation in the world. The country has improved its ranking from 60th position last year. India has been improving steadily since it was ranked 81st in 2015. Meanwhile, China improved its ranking from 22 in 2017 to 17 this year. India is innovating but with a very slow and steady speed. Now with the invention and accessibility of AI, IOT and 3D Printing, this pace seems to increase.

After Globalisation & industrialization, India is known as the manufacturing country whereas actual product designing and conceptualization happens mostly in the USA and European countries. With the cheap labor cost and a hard-working young population of the country, India always seems like the production outsourced vendor country. But we all know that, as the AI, automation and digital manufacturing grows there is a huge risk in jobs as we are not familiar with these technologies.

To eliminate these problems Designifying is helping the Industries in launching their new product ideas by providing prototyping solutions via 3D Designing, 3D Scanning, and 3D Printing. New startups always face the challenges of manufacturing. Our manufacturing sector runs on volume of parts basis, whereas the quantity of their newly launched product is very less, thus conventional manufacturing does not suffice.

Designifying is helping these startups with low volume batch production facility using 3D Printing aka additive manufacturing. In 3D printing, products are made directly from their blueprint designs without the requirement of heavy molds or tooling. 3D printing works similar to the paper printer but the only difference is 3D printer prints(makes) parts in Plastics(even in metals).

batch production by designifying

Designifying is operated by experienced personnel having 3D printing experience of more than 5 years. The company’s philosophy is to provide complete prototyping and manufacturing guidance to the new budding startups in the space of innovative products. According to the team member of Designifying “ The lack of knowledge about this revolutionizing technology is the main hurdle in the growth of the Business”.

The company has to spend most of the marketing and sales time and money in educating about the technology in the industries. For spreading the knowledge about 3D printing and 3D Scanning, they do a lot of free seminars and workshops as well as provide sponsorships to engineering students for their project works. The future plans of Designifying are mainly into getting the mainstream production of the manufacturing industries and educating the market about the potential of the technology and Creativity.

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