PuREnergy startup introducing its commercial lithium batteries at renewable energy India expo 2018


Renewable energy which is going to rule in the coming up years, there is a solid reason for that as the population increasing vastly in the world, so we need energy as the non-renewable is not sufficient. All are looking into renewable energy, so the government also encouraging the startups which come with innovative ideas to generate renewable energy. In this process, A startup called PuREnergy.

The startup is coming up with new lithium batteries which is affordable in price, going to launch on the Renewable Energy India Expo 2018 which is going to start on (18-20) of September.

Now let’s discuss the startup which is launching the lithium batteries, the startup PuREnergy is incubated by Indian Institute of Technology-Hyderabad, started in the year 2016. The startup will design and develop innovative solar solutions for Industries, commercial usage and for residential users.  In the market lithium batteries are available, but these batteries will be affordable when compared to others in the market.

The Founder of the startup is Dr.Nishanth Dongari, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, IIT Hyderabad. It served more than 100 clients from various sectors in the Telangana, pharmaceuticals, real estate, hospitals, and non-governmental organizations in the state and national wise.

The renewable energy India Expo will be conducting in the Greater Noida, which is successfully conducting for 11 years. The product we are showing at the expo the life of the battery will be enhanced by 50%, which will be suitable for the Indian climatic conditions. The batteries can be useful form agriculture sector to aerospace.

Who wanna participate in the Expo as an exhibitor you can register from the below link:


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