Consumer Rights Are About To Strengthen With This New E-commerce Rule

The New Consumer Protection Rule of 2020 is destined to make the lives easier of shoppers. According to the new rule in the e-commerce industry, the shopping platforms can not charge any cancellation cost to the consumers when they decide to cancel their order after purchasing.

The new e-commerce rule also says that, if platforms don’t agree on these terms, then the retailers of these e-commerce platforms, known as e-tailers should also pay similar charges that they are asking the consumers for when the order gets canceled. The new guidelines of the e-commerce industry are expected to be in action from this week through a gazette notification.

The e-commerce executives say that this new law will give better defined legal power to the consumers with which they will be able to have an upper hand over the platforms if at any point the dispute gets to the court.

With the help of the new law, The New Consumer Protection Rule of 2020, the platforms will also be able to clarify their liabilities in a marketplace as well as in the inventory model. The new e-commerce rule is a part of the Consumer Protection Act 2019.

The New Consumer Protection Rule 2020, reads, “Any inventory e-commerce entity which explicitly or implicitly vouches for the authenticity of the goods or services sold by it, or guarantees that such goods or services are authentic, shall bear appropriate liability in any action related to the authenticity of such good or service.”

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