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A diamond with zero flaws: Aupulent is rising as a pioneer of lab-grown diamonds

Did you ever imagine that luxurious diamond jewellery could get eco-friendly and affordable? Seems very dreamy, but this amazing brand is bringing this dream to reality through their cutting-edge technology and in-depth experience.

We’re talking about Aupulent, a pioneer in the field of lab-grown diamonds, that has managed to bring environment consciousness and fair-trade practices of the industry into the limelight. By indulging in fair practices and growing diamonds in lab, the supply chain is cut-short, thereby, reducing the final cost of the jewellery for the end customer.

Nevertheless, Aupulent has relentlessly tried to match the benchmark set by current players of the industry in terms of design, quality, and craftsmanship. The founder of Aupulent has been a part of the jewellery industry for more than 10 years and his network & experience is huge. Lab-grown diamond jewelleries from Aupulent are already reaching its worthy customers through offline stores and events, but this is not the only goal for the brand.

Aupulent has emerged at the peak of pandemic and faced its own set of challenges. Right from finding the right team to bootstrapping the business and from positioning the brand on digital platform to dealing with every department virtually. But still Aupulent has upheld to the spirit of true brand and continued to strive for excellence through its jewellery.

Lab-grown diamonds are the future of luxury jewel market because many key players of the industry like Tanishq, Debeers, Pandora, and Swaroski are also investing in cultured diamonds. It not only reduces the carbon footprint significantly but also ensures safe working conditions for every worker in the lab.

Aupulent is based out of Chandigarh with its manufacturing facility in Surat and is looking forward to expand and reach every household. In the coming years, Aupulent has planned multiple launches with new designs, a dedicated collection for men and a lot more than you can imagine at 10 times lower price.

The speciality of these diamonds is that it is created to attain perfection like mined diamonds, but under controlled and safer environment with less harm to the ecosystem. Controlled conditions and chemically engineering rock formation has made the availability of diamonds easier and prices much lower.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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