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Villager Esports – Interview with emerging online gaming lovers.

Introduction about the Founder/CEO

Kuldeep: CEO & Co-Founder

Kuldeep is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Villager Esports. An avid lover of sports, Kuldeep has played cricket extensively before making a complete switch to the mode of online mobile gaming. He garnered a chance to become a professional esports player in 2015-16 during his playing stint with the Vainglory and went on to become a pro in 2017 with the launch of the Pubg mobile game. He continued his journey as a professional player before finally launching Villager Esports in India in February 219.

Tejal Singh: CPO & Co-founder 

Tejpal Singh is the co-founder and chief production officer of Villager Esports. He oversees the entire production domain of the company and is responsible for bringing the content on the platform live for users. Tejpal has worked single-handedly to successfully manage the operations of the website in a most effective and efficient manner. He has got uncanny ability to streamline operations and run the processes to deliver a superior and engaging user experience.

Start-up info

The Villager Esports was founded in February 2019 with the prime objective of bringing players and communities together in the Esports segment. Despite enormous opportunities, most players are unable to reach prospective audiences and engage with the communities  as they lack the awareness and knowledge of how to approach the target market effectively. Against the backdrop of this critical need, Villager Esports offers opportunities to players to reach and engage with the targeted market successfully. Strongly rooted in the values such as authenticity and transparency, this community-based Esports organisation is helping online sports titles to create, build, and manage their exclusive communities in a most effective and engaging manner and in the process, helping the entire ecosystem to stand on its feet in a self-sustainable manner.

Concept for start-up

The Esports industry across the globe has just started taking the shape and is still in its state of infancy. Villager Esports is founded to help the segment by offering stakeholders a credible platform to come together for creating, engaging, and managing a number of different activities to enhance the interest of the population at large in the category. This enhanced level of engagement is proving instrumental for Esports to grow at an exponential rate while garnering attention from people belonging to all age brackets and different walks of life.


The concept of Villager Esports makes it unique as the platform is one-of-its-kind in offering players and communities exciting opportunities to connect with each other in such an amazing and interactive manner. The Esports management company is organizing a variety of tournaments related to different sports in both online and offline formats. In fact, within  a couple of years since its inception, Villager Esports has made brisk progress and is proud of the fact that its platform is finding favour with all stakeholders of the Esports industry including players, gaming companies, and content creators among others.


Villager Esports is founded with the vision of making the category of Online Gaming a household name. We firmly believe the benefits of esports should reach beyond the professional players and in fact,  each and every stakeholder in the industry should enjoy the benefit of their hard work. To that end, We’ve come up with a unique platform where players and communities can come together and take their engagement to a different level altogether.

Services and products

We offer a range of services and prominent among these are organising gaming events (online and offline formats), management of players, and offering news/media/Entertainment from the latest happening in the world of esports. We also offer the services of content creation and influencer marketing which is particularly useful for creating a strong bond between players and their fan base across the demographic and economic divide.

Problem in the sector

Despite the digital revolution, the esports industry has failed to garner the benefits of millions of people coming online and exploring different segments.  One of the primary culprits behind this stunted growth of esports was the absence of a suitable platform of engagement though now with the advent of Villager Esports this problem has been solved successfully. The fragmented nature of the esports industry is also a critical issue which needs holistic efforts from players, organizers, sporting companies, and policymakers so that the industry can realize its potential fully in the times to come.

Target market

Villager Esports targets Sports brands in online domains as the business model of the company is organizing and managing sports events in the online space. We target players and offer them a range of services to connect with their fans in a more effective and efficient manner. We also offer content creation services and supply interactive and engaging content to a number of online gaming houses including the likes of PUBG mobile, Tencent Games, Star Ladder, and Fanatic among others.


We started our journey in 2019 and within this span of time, the company has been able to achieve quite a significant popularity among the target audiences. In terms of financial numbers, we have been able to achieve a nine-figure revenue in the last financial year and currently, we are growing at a speed of 3-7x of what we achieved last year.

Funding round

We started our operation purely on the basis of the bootstrapped model and as we continue to grow our target market and audience base, we are actively searching for a funding partner who can help us to expand at desired pace in the future. We are specifically looking for investors who are aligned with the idea of taking esports to the doorsteps of the common man and democratising this segment for the growth and prosperity of the larger section of society.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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