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Video Marketing Guide For Startups In India

For your information, there were over 1.26 million companies registered in India back in 2020 alone. Therefore, it is fair enough to say that online marketing plays a strong role in putting them on the global map. In fact, hadn’t it been for online marketing, many businesses would have never seen the light of the day. So when online marketing is brought to the table for discussion, it is unfair to not talk about video marketing.

After all, it is one of the hottest marketing trends that has ever existed. As the number of businesses is increasing in India at a staggering rate, video marketing has emerged as a popular trend in the country. Even more so for the startups who have to penetrate the highly competitive business world. In this feature, we will share a detailed guide about video marketing for startups in the country:

●      Understanding The Purpose

Simply put, video marketing will be a complete failure if you begin shooting in the dark and don’t have a perspective on the reason behind doing it. After all, the basic ethos of video marketing is to sell more and struggle less. Therefore, the ultimate goal and the first step should be to understand the reason behind setting up a video marketing strategy.

So one must embrace the likes and interests of the audience before preparing a video for them. Having a clear picture in mind will help to easily transform your ideas into a video using a video editor. Even if the video has been done but the message has been vague, it will be hard to retain the audience.

●      Studying the Target Audience

Video marketing is like any regular marketing that entails knowing your audience and working on what they demand. However, since startups have a limited budget, they have fewer chances to make big mistakes.

This means a startup has to begin the process by researching the first ad coming up with a video that will have an impact on the minds of the customers. So when doing the market research, it is important to see the types of videos that have the biggest impact on the customer’s minds.

●      Choosing the Right Topic is Important

Understanding the current trends and the in-demand aspects is important since the target audience will find them useful. Especially when an interactive video is being prepared, including the trending topic will become imperative.

Not to forget, India is a plural country with cosmopolitan people, which means they like to go with the flow. For this to happen, creating useful videos and targeting the current trends will be paramount for the startup.

●      Understand What Makes a Video Shareable and Likeable

Apart from studying the target market and understanding the current trends, it is equally essential to know what makes everything so exciting. Unless a video is exciting and engaging enough, seldom will it grab the customer’s attention. Now with every business having jumped on the bandwagon of online marketing, it is hard to stand out to the client and outperform the competitors.

For the project to be successful, studying the factors that will make the video more likable and shareable will be a big benefit.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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