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Recruitment startup Kula raises $2.7 million

the recruitment automation platform kula announced that the Company raised $2.7 million funding from venture highway, together fund and global founders’ capital. The platform Kula widens the opportunities for talents by unifying all sources and automating the candidate outreach and engagement. The Company focuses on the infusion of funds that will be getting on their products and making them available to the consumers.

Kula’s CO founder and CEO Achuthanand Tanjore Ravi Discuss that the next big milestone for the Company will be getting around 50 customers by the end of 2022. In addition, the Company currently is investing in several other product offerings.

The Company aims to cater to the global market needs and will continue to have a keen eye on India. With 30 to 35 already existing pilot users within the country.

Kula considers India an extremely important market for itself, given the penetration of startups in India and because India is considered an engineering powerhouse. Which further opens up the possibility for new ideas and products in the future. Currently, the Company is trying on an effective method of talent management.

The companies co-founder Achthanand said one of the biggest trends today is that candidates have multiple offers in hand when they engage with organizations. This makes it difficult for employers to identify and approach suitable candidates. Kula focuses on resolving such issues, and it is here when the company’s problem-solving and customer attraction qualities kick in.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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