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PeeBuddy helps Indian Women to stand and pee by avoiding dirty toilets.

Women have faced a constant roadblock when it came to outdoor activities, simply due to dirty public toilets, or even the lack of them. Hiking, camping or long journeys many women often face problems with such outdoor activities.

This actually causes a lot of problems for women. For one, using an unsanitary toilet may cause health problems. And not everyone can hover over the seat, especially if you’re elderly, pregnant, or physically challenged.

In a bid to help women overcome the reluctance to use public toilets,  34-year-old entrepreneur Deep Bajaj introduced a product called PeeBuddy to assist women to stand up and urinate.

What Is PeeBuddy?

Peebuddy is a portable female urination device that makes urinating at public places easier for girls.

Now, you can pee without wiping the dirty toilet seat, without hovering over it & even without catching life-long infections like Urinary tract infection.

Now, don’t bother about the dirty toilet or hold your pee! Carry your savior in the pocket.

Say no to wiping the toilet seat: Ladies sometimes wipe the filthy seats for the sake of using it, which consequently brings them in direct touch with the seat & therefore germs.

Say no to hovering/ semi-squats: It is not a good position for your pelvic muscles. A study has shown that the bladder becomes weak over a period of time.

Say no to holding pee: It could be a cause of kidney stones & promotes the growth of infection in the uterus.

How they idea generated ??

We planned a road trip and we are four couples who are going for the trip that is from Delhi to Jaipur, its fun trip to us to enjoy at maximum and free from the daily routine works, the four men are enjoying their trips with the drinks and ladies not having anything.

The main issue is they are not enjoying the drink because the toilets problem, they are not clean use so they stopped at every petrol pumps for the use of the toilets, they found from every five toilets they use one is clean and hygienic.

The partners told their husbands they wish they want to be in Europe so that they can use devices in which we can pee, reuse and we can use them at any non-hygienic or unclean toilet.

So Deep Bajaj thought and came up with an idea of developing the device but which should not reuse, that will pronto disease, so they thought of coming with the paper which is for use it and dispose of it.

The startup Peebuddy started in the 2014 and it is Delhi based startup. which is running successfully and helping the women for hygienic society.

coming about the founder of the startup he is an event management professional and helping his wife in her business after he started the pee buddy he totally concentrated on it. After Deep started PeeBuddy, his friends  Rahul Anand and Mohit Bajaj people joined the company as the co-founders of the after they resigned from their jobs in 2014 only.

Struggles in the initial stage:

Every startup is not successful in the initial stage some may be successful and some may not. every entrepreneur faces a lot of struggles to succeed, the person who overcomes the struggles only will get good results in order to succeed.

They initially meet the doctors and some of the top stores in the Delhi, and they suggested this for the women many did not like the idea even though doctors referred. The name pee somewhat not that much attracted, customers, are not impressed with the idea, even though they did not get down and they are confident about their product.

They know that if once women start using their product automatically the market and revenue will be generated.

Why PeeBuddy?

The pee buddy is the solution for the women to stand and pee and they can be in their control. people can why should choose the pee buddy there are many reasons for using the product.

  • Its portable and a disposable one, u can take it any place and easily use in public places.
  • Their no problem of holding pee and go in your home only, due to the dirty toilets.
  • No cleaning of the toilet set by ourselves before using it.
  • Say no to hovering, not the good position for your pelvic muscles, it will weaken the bladder after some years.
  • Can be away from the infections by using the product.
  • It can be used in public Toilet, Airport/flight Toilet, Highways and outdoors, Railway/Metro.
  • It will be helpful for the pregnant women, old women, women having the problem of Arthritis.
  • Women can be away from the infections and stones also by using the product.
  • It is very easy to use.

Peebuddy Products:

The startup is giving different types of products that will be helpful for women for the sake of their health. The startup is giving three different types of products, They are

1) PeeBuddy.

2) Sirona.

3) Body Guard.

From the above three different categories their subproducts which are available for the women

Pee Buddy:

The pee Buddy is the Girls best for the unfriendly Toilets. which is giving different packages for the women according to their budget and our wish we can order the product. They are providing standard and premium kits for the women.

Sirona :

sirona is ” The Celtic Goddess of hygiene ” which will be helpful for the women.

Body Guard:

Which anti-mosquito spray and it provides various products for the small children.

Till now PeeBuddy sold more than 5,00,000 Units In


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Written by Devender Jadi


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  1. I am working on Menstrual hygiene and safe disposal practices and also I am an avid traveller do I know what it means to pee in public toilets .
    This is an amazing start up.



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