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From Clicks to Chomps: Software Engineer who started his own meat venture “Meamo”.

Meamo is a Bangalore-based company and is the country’s first e-commerce company that is bringing back the traditional way of savouring meat and pioneering the Jhatka method. Founded in 2020 under the Dharmic Vibes Group, the brand currently serves all areas of Bangalore. It will soon start expanding to other cities in the country.

Founded by Sudarshan Boosupalli who has a degree in Engineering and a master’s in marketing. He has over 23 years of corporate experience in the IT Industry. He established the Startup Ruckus Wireless in the SAARC region taking it from 0-$30 mil in revenues. He also had experience in handling million-dollar Businesses. As a seasoned professional with varied expertise encompassing P&L/general management, sales, market-entry, startups, operations, marketing, business development, and strategic planning, he is adept at executive decision-making, policy direction, strategic business planning, financial and personnel management. He intends to leverage his skill set to create a respected brand in the online meat industry.

Meamo seeks to cater and nurture a community of discerning meat lovers who are looking to embrace traditional cruelty-free meat processing techniques along with great taste and freshness. With a focus on the 100% Jhatka method of processing meat, with a hope to encourage and cultivate a community that enjoys meat while ensuring that animals are spared any unnecessary pain. The product range includes Poultry, Goat & Sheep, Seafood, and Petfood. 

Among the traditional practices, they are reviving, the most popular one that includes the Turmeric Washed meat. Much like in the earlier days, Meamo has an option of unique Turmeric washed meat, a process in which the meat is coated in turmeric and thoroughly cleansed. Turmeric has proven Ayurvedic benefits and helps kill any bacteria that might be present in the meat and readies the meat perfectly for cooking. 

Meamo does not source the meat from third parties but processes it in a completely controlled state-of-the-art facility owned by them, following all authentic and scientific guidelines. Another secret behind the juicy and fresh meat we bring to our customers is that it is free of any antibiotic residue and has a hormone and chemical-free policy. All poultry feeds are organic from the moment the meat is processed till it reaches your door, it is handled only by the Meamo team ensuring strict quality and hygiene control. They are the Only D2C Ecommerce meat delivery Company that deals exclusively with Jhatka Meat.

The consumer meat industry in India has shown tremendous development in the last decade and is estimated at $94 billion. We have set out to carve out a significant Market share for Meamo, by providing the choice of Jhatka meat in the monopolistic market.

The current challenge in the $94 Billion Consumer Meat Market is that over 90% are wet Markets. With this comes the challenges of Hygiene, lack of standards, and completely Unorganized markets which cannot assure you quality meat. In addition to the above, the Indian meat market is monopolized with Halal products, depriving a very large population of the Choice of Jhatka meat.

The two ways of processing meat include Jhatka and Halal. Each method is popular in different regions of the country according to their ancestral history. However, the scales seem to have tipped over to one method leaving consumers who prefer the other with no options at all. With the confluence of lives across cities and towns because of life events (like job, study, and marriage), varied people are scattered across geographies. Hence the demand for each process exists and the supply needs to be balanced. Our brand – Meamo services consumers with the choice of Jhatka meat.  

The Aggregator model for the Tier 2 Cities will help modernize thousands of Butchers across the country and provide employment to thousands without disrupting the existing ecosystem in these cities.

Meamo has to date raised over Half a million dollars in seed funding and has established a True Farm2Fork model with our own Abattoir, Processing Centers, Distributions Centers across Bangalore, and an Efficient Supply Chain system servicing thousands of Customers. Actively seeking funds for our next phase of growth and are in conversation with several interested investors right now.

Their current expansion plans involve establishing 5 more cities and starting the aggregator model in Tier 2 cities. Currently meeting over 5000 orders a month and had expanded the offerings to the B2B segment that prefers Jhatka Meat. With the Vision to achieve the highest levels of Customer Experience and Employee empowerment, and are on the road to being the top company in the country.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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