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Howdyy – Provides a cost effective and an environmental friendly solution to corporates by improving their first and last mile logistics.

Introduction about the Founder

Aashirwad Deshmukkh is the founder of Howdyy, and EV-led logistics startup based in Bangalore. He started the company in 2020 with his founding members Aisshwaraya Deshmukkh and Kannan Marimuthu. With Howdyy, Aashirwad was not new to the entrepreneurial journey. Before starting Howdyy, Aashirwad was involved in his family business, a dealership of an automobile brand for Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.  With 14+ years of experience, he looked after everything like finance, management, operations, etc. Aashirwad has a Master’s degree in electronic engineering from Staffordshire University.

Startup Introduction

Headquartered in Bangalore, Howdyy is one of India’s fastest emerging green logistics companies (EV-led Logistics Company). The company was incorporated in 2020 by a dynamic couple, Aashirwad Deshmukh and Aisshwaraya, with the mission of building the future of the logistics industry that is connected and electric and with the vision of accelerating the adoption of sustainability in mid-mile and last-mile deliveries.

The idea or concept of the startup

Experiencing a major gap in the logistics industry, Aashirwad nurtured the idea of incepting Howdyy as a brand that would fill the void of becoming the best alternative to ICE vehicles in the last-mile delivery. The company is committed to the belief that society can progress further in coherence with nature by using technology that’s fueled by clean energy. It contributes to this revolution by offering eco-friendly deliveries to B2B companies.

Innovation and uniqueness

The expansion of various industries has also expanded their carbon footprint which in turn hurts nature and society. Instead of being onlookers that worry about this problem, Howdyy team are enactors who are on a mission to save and heal the Earth and our society. They provide companies with a more eco-conscious alternative for their delivery needs while exceeding their most crucial expectations.

Mission and vision of the

Vision: Provide a cost effective and an environmental friendly solution to corporates by improving their first and last mile logistics.

Mission: To reform modern logistic solutions in a way that amplifies the prosperity of nature.

Product and services

Howdyy aims to be an alternative to ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles in the end-to-end delivery space. Howdyy provides tech-driven EV-led logistics solutions, which include first-mile service (movement of shipments from the warehouse to the distribution centre), mid-mile (sorting the packages as per pin codes and channelising them to local hubs), and last-mile service (delivering packages from local area hubs to the end-customer). Operational in Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad at present, some of Howdyy’s prominent clients include Amazon, Blue Dart, Bigbasket, Apollo Pharmacy, 1MG, Porter, DMart, etc.

 Problem and solution

The startup industry has seen the eCommerce sector booming, which is directly proportional to the logistics sector. The number of people choosing to order in has increased much more since the pandemic hit. While the allied industries grow, companies need to ensure there are sustainable practices in the logistics sector too which helped Howdyy come up with the concept called green logistics or EV-led Logistics Company

About the market and the target audience.

According to Redseer report, India’s last-mile delivery market is moving in a similar direction as China and the USA, where penetration has reached more than 10 per cent. Following this growth trajectory, India is set to reach a market size of $6-7 billion by 2024. Howdyy’s target audience includes b2b companies, startups, and those that are choosing online delivery of products and services.

Success so far and Milestones.

Howdyy’s achievements and milestones:

  • 9x growth in just 1 year
  • EBITDA positive is just 6 months
  • 0 to 3200 deliveries per day in less than a year
  • 1 city to 7 active cities in just 14 months
  • Serving more than 15k+ pin codes in less than a year
  • Fastest growing bootstrapped last mile logistics startup

About the funding round.

Howdy is currently bootstrapped.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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