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How To Start A Startup From Scratch In 2018.

How To Start A Startup From Scratch.

Every Entrepreneur wants makes their startup story as branded like Amazon and facebook..etc.But they didn’t get their name easily, they struggled a lot and finally overcome their problems and now they are most successful entrepreneurs.

You want to make your startup more successful having a good idea is not enough you need to work hard. Most Startups are failed before they started because they don’t know how to start and where to start, and some Startups are failed after they started its just because they don’t have a good planning.

However, starting a Startup is always great irrespective of success or failure. Here we will be going to discuss about how to start a startup from scratch.

Most of us are having a dream of starting their own startup but some people stop thinking about their startup when it is Idea stage because they don’t know anything about starting a startup, and some of them are just google their startup idea for few times then they leave it and again jump to routine life.

Only a few members do hard work to achieve their dream and those people we are calling entrepreneurs. Startups Journey is not easy as a regular job you need to work hard to make your startup success.

How To Start a Startup From Scratch In 2018:

If you Never start a startup nothing will happen, you will go with your regular job and life goes on.
But Imagine if you start your own startup and if it will success, but to achieve this success you definitely start a startup may be you will success or failure that’s another thing.

Never Start a Startup Blindly just go with what you love and what you know but never go with what already some people started.

Finding business Idea:

Finding success Business idea is nothing but finding a solution to a problem faced by people.if you have an idea of solving their problem then that will be the success idea of your startup. Always try to find a solution to a problem that most people faced.

Don’t Go Alone:

Never Start a Startup alone, Everyone needs a person who shares our pain and success. Try to Start your Startup with a team of 2-3 people most startups started with more 2-3 persons but they ended with 2-3 persons as a partner. So it’s better to start a startup with 2-3 people.

Choosing Technology:

Choosing a wrong technology may be caused by failure because today technology plays a vital role in business. Find freelancers who have a good experience it saves your time and you can more concentrate on your business instead of learning technology but having an eye on technology is an advantage.


If you want to start a Startup you don’t need Hi-Fi Corporate office and costly furniture and high configured equipment. You can start your startup at your room or in some co-working places. And Every startup must need a website to design your startup you need $10 for domain hosting per month and you don’t need to buy high configured servers and security systems. If you Want to success in startup always have control on the money.

If you have any suggestions for new Entrepreneurs share your thoughts with us here.

What do you think?

Written by Devender Jadi


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