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Get My Parking Has A Solution For Your Parking Struggles.

Get My Parking

In India Traffic is increasing rapidly, as population increases the number of vehicles also increase, which will increase the traffic on the roads and there is no place for parking our vehicle. Metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai the parking of the vehicle is the issue in the evenings or weekend times.

This is the main problem currently the country is facing, so to overcome this problem Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare came up with an idea of starting the Get My Parking using the IOT in the year 2015.

The reason for starting the start-up??

In the country main issue is the parking in the metropolitan cities and if we want to park a car we need to search for parking space almost takes 20-30 minutes to get the parking space.

So to solve this problem Chirag Jain and Rasik Pansare students of IIT Madras alumnus came up with an idea of starting the Get My Parking mobile app to solve the parking problems in the country or in the worldwide in the year 2015, based on the Delhi. It is the smart app which uses the IoT technology.

With the help of the app, we can search, book, and navigate to the nearest parking lot. That is saving a lot of time and fuel.

Chirag, the CEO  & Founder of, graduated from IIT Madras in 2013 and worked in the automotive industry for 2 years before starting this start-up. Rasik Co-Founder & CMO he has done his graduation from the FMS Delhi, at the same time he was the president of the entrepreneur cell.

He Did his MBA also while pursuing the MBA only he got the offer in the Pepsi but he rejected it and joined hands with the Chirag they started the

Why Get My Parking??

The start-up gives the smart solution for the parking problems; there are some features which will attract the people to use application

-> Locate on Map:  We can locate on the map where we need to park the, even before reaching the spot.

-> Advance Booking:  In some situations, there will many people on the roads so that we can’t get the parking even though we use the application, so the team provided the option of pre-booking. We can book the parking place before we reach the exact place.

-> Navigate Directly: The mobile app will show the exact location where we need to park and it gives the exact direction according to the navigator in the mobile app.

-> Pay cashless: They are collecting money from customers using the electronic media, and they are looking to see the cashless transactions that will give transparency in the payments.

-> Save Fuel: To get the parking space in the cities will take 20-30 minutes due to which there is loss fuel, that will cause the air pollution again it is affecting the society. So to save the fuel and environment we can use Get My parking.

-> Save time: With using this application daily we can save almost 1 hr.

-> Event parking: They large events also conducted by the start-up for the events in the city.

-> Valet Parking.

-> No Frustration.

-> All Parking Types.

With the use of the Mobile app, there are many benefits, if we use the get my parking app that we can save 20 Minutes in each drive for searching of the parking area. They many trips and plans are cancelled due to lack of the parking places in the cities.

approximately 60% of planning’s getting cancelled due to the parking issue. With the use of this app, we can plan the trips. We can decrease the pollution by 10%, our revenue cannot be increased every year 20-30%, the time spent for looking parking slot will be decreased. Pollution will be decreased by 30%.

Get My parking crosses 22 million Parking’s.

The start-up completed 2 years and it’s giving best services since 2015. Daily 65000 parking’s, annually 22 million parkings. It is both the on-street and off-street in the cities are accessible to the public in the 300 and above parking places.

It has done 700 and above installations by the Get my parking team. The company made revenue of 50 cores till the start of the company. Within six months of launching our solution, we had digitized over 50 parking lots. We used to spend 14 hours a day in parking lots.

The start-up is giving free registration for the individual users, whereas for the contractors they are charging. it is giving services to the Parking Contractors, Urban Planners, Enforcement Agencies and for Smart City or System Integrator.

Success & Future Plans:

The start-up is having a team of 65 members. It is getting funding from the various sectors in January 2016 through angel funding of Rs 2.5 cores, in January 2017 pre-series funding A of Rs 7.35 cores, and in the year October 2017 series A funding of Rs 19.2 cores. The Company growth rate is 10x annually.

The brand is planning to expand its operations to the various states and various countries, a target of 15 countries by this year, 25 countries by 2020. We have recently expanded to Taiwan, where a pilot of our technology with on-street sensors is taking place. We are also working on pilots in countries like Europe, China, and the USA,” adds Pansare.

They have successfully completed the many large events, For the Krishna Pushkaralu which is celebrated in the Andhra Pradesh 2016, the parking is organized by the Get My Parking which successfully completed doing at their best in 12 days around 60+ slots maintained.

Simhastha Kumbamela which is celebrated in the year 2016, which is world largest event 50 million people, 400 hectors parking area, 200,000 bays, maintained by the team to which they got appreciation from the prime minister of India. Parking partner for Delhi Daredevils team in the IPL 2016.

The Start-up is growing at rapid speed to solve the Parking in the country as well as in the world.

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