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Medigraphy: The Force Empowering Healthcare Professionals Across The Globe.

Today we bring to you yet another inspiring story of an individual who chose a path of courage over certainty and security, who chose a road to revolution over fixity and stability. In short, he dared to dream and today with his vision and execution those dreams are turning into a reality at a bolting speed.

In 2018, Dhaval Mehta – Founder, Upstander Technologies (Medigraphy) decided to move back to India from the US, where he did his Masters in Electronics Engineering followed by working as a Product Design Engineer at one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the Silicon Valley. Along with working as a design engineer, Dhaval got a chance to be a Design consultant for a company that designed medical equipment. It was around that time when he found his true calling. Even while leading a comfortable life with his high paying job and extremely satisfying work, Dhaval wasn’t content. He had the vision to take back his enhanced skill set and dream of revolutionizing the world of healthcare back to his homeland – India. He followed his vision, took the lead and founded Medigraphy. Medigraphy excels in developing and manufacturing cutting edge electro medical equipment where healthcare meets technology in a way where nothing is impossible.

The goal of Medigraphy is to empower the healthcare infrastructure of our country. With the scarcity of hospitals in rural India, deficient infrastructure, and high out of pocket expenses being the pain points of healthcare in India, the medical sector is striving towards making equipment portable and providing a remote comprehensive diagnosis.

The sign of a modern assistive health device is not just portability but also the inclusion of e-health technology. Connectivity is another crucial factor in this new era of portable healthcare devices. Medigraphy wants to create a powerful healthcare experience with real impact. The devices created by the company are not only unbelievably compact and high quality but they stand out because of their ability to connect, share and communicate over the internet. For instance, one of their flagship products – ECG device can be carried anywhere being as small as a computer mouse and with its tele-health approach, the healthcare provider and the patient can share reports and communicate regarding the same sitting miles away from each other.

This enables us to monitor conditions in real-time, view trends, and make decisions faster than ever.

As a company, they are committed to positively disrupt the electro medical equipment market & continue to bring together healthcare devices and technology in a way that can change lives. In Dhaval’s words ‘While we work our way to attain unequivocal quality standards for our products, we also ensure they are affordable. Healthcare, science and technology together can change the world and we are more than excited to be an integral part of this change.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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