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Medera Healthcare Technologies: A company with a vision to develop new affordable tech over healthcare domain.

Medera Healthcare Technologies

Hi, can you give a brief about yourself?

Myself Sayantan  Student cum Entrepreneur.  Completed my B-Tech in CSE from WBUT and pursuing Masters from JU. At the same time, I’m running Medera Healthcare Technologies a Biotech startup and PSP Mercantile LLP a firm involved in Distribution and Franchise business.  My dad is a businessman who is also my seed investor and My mom is working with Gov’t of West Bengal.

What is your inspiration to start your company?

Inspiration umm basically I’ve had always a desire to start something on my own or you can say a bug in me which helped me to start something. When I was in my engineering 3rd year I’ve had started an online travel media with one of my classmate and best friend, but it didn’t go well so we stop that.  I’ve no particular Idol in entrepreneurship rather I do believe in multiple Idol. But my dad always inspired me to start something to create something which helps me a lot in my journey.

The reason behind the idea?

The reason behind starting Medera was my grandfathers’ death, which is so shocking till date for me because I was so close to his heart. He died over Lung Cancer, that triggered me to start something over Biotech. I was just 14 years old when I lost him and I’ve had decided to give a try in the healthcare domain.

Due to my strange daily routine I’ve to visit doctors several time, that time I’ve seen many gaps and lags in the sector and the sector is so scattered. As if I was pursuing Computer Science so I thought let’s do something for the sector to make it organize by leveraging technology to serve the humanity, rather than making an App for fun or just like that.

How did your journey start towards your startup from planning to funding?

So I was in my final semester of Engineering and I got a cool project over Healthcare tech and started working on it. Soon I realize let’s start to make this project for the consumer and I’ve started planning out and researching over healthcare tech. Broadly speaking I’ve had written something on my phone’s Note when my first startup face shut down.

So I’ve had decided that I won’t waste time over dwelling over past or hoping over new ideas rather I’ll focus into healthcare tech and thus Medera Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd got incorporated at December 2016. The initial funding came from family later on from rolling out the business. Till date, We’re self-financed or you can use the buzz word Bootstrapped.

Is your startup growing at good phase according to your plans? What are the upcoming plans from your end?

Look plans got changed over market scenario and you’ve to adopt the change else you’ll face trouble so some of our initial plans got pivoted but more or less we’re still on old plans. My startup or our team is doing really good. We’re working on some really cool projects and we’re about to roll ut them by the end of 2019, although we’re rolling out our Cloud-based product partially. We’ll introduce a product that consists of hardware and software for Corporate health and we’re working on it. We’re working closely with Governments to cater to more people.

About your company? Why people should opt for your services? How you are different from others?

Medera is foraying into different domains, we’re working on pilot schemes apart from our tech part.  We’ve won the 1st prize as an emerging company from North East India by judges assessment conducted by Ne8X accelerator and others.  Medera got featured on YourStory, ICICI Global Biz Circle and others.

Enterprise should opt for our product/services because of the core tenets that we do operate and believe in the LEAN model and we provide the best of the class solution, consulting for their betterment in business.  I said enterprise because currently, we’re dealing in the B2B segment.

We’re different in many aspects – 1. Our core tenets 2. Our pricing structure and hand-holding support  3.Customer centric approach and many others. Even our products developed for everyone so that it becomes the heir daily appliances.

What your stack on the competition? who are your competitors? How you are overcoming them?

We at Medera finds competition very healthy and beneficial for the end consumer.  So we really work hard to give our customers or clients the best in class solution, consulting and products.  We don’t see competitor as such in current demographics because our approach is totally different and unique, still, there is some healthcare tech startup which is doing good as per their convenience.  We learn from our and others mistakes and we don’t repeat that thus we’re overcoming many hurdles and doing well.

As you said your company develops new affordable technology in the healthcare domain what are those?

To be very honest or I must say brutally honest currently We’ve 16-18 products in our pipeline. Even Our first product Unified Cloud solution is so affordable in cost that a small to a behemoth can afford it for their purpose. We’ll rollout IOT based Diabetes product and Corporate health product very soon. Rest of the products are classified you’ll get to know with time. Coz I do believe that slow and steady wins the race ;):).

What do you suggest people who are interested in starting their own business??

Umm suggestion for the fellow or aspiring entrepreneur is that don’t get stuck with Buzz words of the startup ecosystem.  Be optimistic and realistic at the same time when you’re entering into a business. Do your groundwork and homework seriously and plan accordingly. As I told in my Josh Talks that it’s goddamnit business, you need ROI ( return of investment ) for you time and money so use it wisely. And I would love to quote one of my own quotes –  “ If you have the guts and will-power to follow your dreams, then no one can stop you from making them a reality.

“What is your opinion on Any Suggestions for us?

Do expand your reach at every possible social media to channelize more readership, monetize your contents and generate cash. That’s all for now. 🙂

I would love to add something to me, I’m a bigtime foodie and an avid techie and reader. I do write quotes and poems sometimes but I don’t disclose them always. A dog lover and really connected with nature, greenery makes me really happy.

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