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OpenTurf – building the world-class products faster which are better and economical.

Kaustubh Kashyap

1. CXOs’ info

Zunder Lekshmanan, CTO of OpenTurf, has enviable experience in building technology solutions for organisations cutting across industries. In his current capacity, Zunder is helping clients by offering them technology solutions for transforming their businesses. His primary responsibility involves fast tracking the conversion of ideas into real-world products in a most cost-effective manner.

An avid follower of technology, Zunder has remained at the forefront of deploying technology solutions for companies belonging to different sectors of the economy. His latest venture OpenTurf is a natural extension of his passion for technology and the venture is leading the segment by offering fast, reliable, and affordable solutions to its clients.


Zunder holds a Master’s in Computers from Pondicherry University and holds an Executive Management Diploma from IIM, Kozhikode.

Kaustubh Kashyap is the Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at OpenTurf and handles the strategy, growth, and commercial engagements with existing and prospective clients of the company. His primary responsibilities include deciding the long-term roadmap of the organisation and overseeing the execution of its projects. He is also tasked with handling the field sales strategy and delivering superior experiences through creating, communicating, and managing relationships with customers.

Education: With educational Qualifications from prestigious institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kaustubh Kashyap has been at the forefront of handling growth, governance and strategic issues at OpenTurf.

2)      Start-up info

OpenTurf has offices in both India and United Arab Emirates (UAE) and it’s more than 150 person years of tech experience makes the organisation a credible solution provider in the technology domain. The startup specifically holds distinctive competence when it comes to providing highly scalable, low-cost software solutions to its clients. The enterprise is founded by technology veterans who have worked in the industry for more than two decades and now equipping their clients with transformation capabilities for delivering superior customer experiences.

3)      Concept for startup

The primary motivation behind the launch of OpenTurf is to help organisations make a transformative change in their functional and operational capabilities. By utilising the power of technology in the form of reliable and value for money solutions, OpenTurf is helping its clients to script their success stories. The startup co-creates the solutions with its clients and with more than 90% repeat business, the enterprise is proving instrumental in changing the fortunes of many of its clients through innovative and agile technology solutions.

4)      Innovative/mission and vision

OpenTurf has many first-in-industry innovations to its credit. Take, for instance, the concept of Virtual Technology Office (VTO), Need-based Scale-up models, and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models of doing business for small and medium size organizations. These initiatives not only offer a novel approach to doing business but also importantly bring the agility to remain relevant in this highly complex business environment. The enterprise is on a mission to build world-class products for its clients in a faster, better, and more economical manner. This, in turn, helps its clients to achieve their strategic goals and operational targets within their stipulated time requirements.

With a specific focus on achieving transformational capability, OpenTurf has been pre-building solutions capable of opening new avenues of opportunities for its clients. The enterprise is a one-stop solution for all needs related to SAAS platforms, conversational AI, scaling performance, creating digital twins. In addition, the startup has also made a significant contribution to achieving the desired level of fintech integration and gateway solution besides conceiving solutions for embedded devices.

5)      Services and products

With more than 150+ person years of cumulative experience in the technology domain, OpenTurf is the leading name in the categories of technology audits, tech consulting, digital bridges (pre-built solutions a.k.a lego blocks), 3rd party integrations, and custom-software and automation development. The startup is also known for its distinctive competence in offering technology solutions that are considered excellent value for money and can be scaled without necessitating any comprehensive change in the base stack. In sum, the venture holds expertise in technology with a specific focus on applied artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cognitive services for the development and delivery of enterprise-grade software across industries.

6)      Problem in the sector

Organisations across industries today are contending with challenges related to the execution of their new projects in a time-bound manner. This is specifically true when it comes to overcoming technology challenges in areas of technology architecture, custom-automation and Enterprise-grade software development and execution. The issues related to scalability, flexibility, reliability, maintainability and agil deliveries are among the critical issues faced by the industry and achieving these at reasonable costs further adds to the complexity of the problem.

OpenTurf with its revolutionary Virtual Technology Office (VTO), Need-based Scale-up and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models is emerging as credible answers to all these challenges. Not only the services offered by the startup are highly effective but these technology solutions are completely scalable and can be altered to accommodate ever-expanding opportunities in their respective business environments.

7)      Target market

The startup is catering to enterprises across the business domains including organisations in the eCommerce industry, healthcare sector, retail segment, and consumer products. In addition, the banking and financial services, supply chain and Logistics, and EdTech firms are also among the potential customers of OpenTurf. In fact, any organisation across industries which is searching for Reliable Tech solutions and Consultancy Services is the target customers for OpenTurf.

8)      Successes

With more than 90% repeat business coming from existing clients, OpenTurf is establishing new milestones of success and customer satisfaction among its clients across industries. In January 2022, the startup received recognition by Dubai Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Further in February 2022, the startup has again been recognised as Most Looked for Asian Startups. The names of some of the prominent clients who swear by its services include DishTV, Zeta, Yabx, Nearex Pte Ltd, Comviva, Digitalworkers and Factoreal among others.

9)  Funding round

The startup has commenced its operation purely on the monies invested by its founders. OpenTurf is a bootstrapped organisation and is profitable. It is now looking to raise finance, for its own unique model, from different sources including angel investors, venture capitalists, and strategic financing organisations among others to scale up its operations globally.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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