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Prashant Mishra: Technology lover, Indian Revenue Service Officer turn an entrepreneur.


Prashant Mishra, Founder, and Director, TechXR Innovations, is a technology entrepreneur and an ex Indian Revenue Service officer. In 2005, while he was working as Design Engineer at STMicroelectronics he decided to write the Indian Civil Services exam, after which he joined the Indian Revenue Service. Out of his love for technology, he would often find time beyond office hours, to learn programming, experiment with circuits and to implement his ideas.

For one time, he wrote a protocol for transferring digital data without the internet and successfully implemented it over FM Radio. In somewhere around 2017 he witnessed Augmented Reality and it touched him deeply. He could foresee innovation in the field which could make AR-VR experience affordable to common man. He kept working on his idea after office hours, and during his sabbatical days, and filed a patent in the field. Finally with the aim of democratizing AR-VR he resigned from his job and became a full time entrepreneur.

Education: B.Tech, IIT Kanpur.

Start-up info:

TechXR is an award-winning start-up based out of Bhopal and Gurgaon. TechXR was incorporated in 2021, with an aim to democratise access to emerging technologies like Augmented and Virtual reality to the common man of India. Team TechXR works on providing hardware and software solutions for AR-VR learning and content development. They have developed the most frugal XR controller – SenseXR, for which they have also been awarded by the Govt of India. Their controller provides six degrees of freedom movement, which works like a 3D mouse in the virtual realm. The device converts any smartphone into a high end interactive device to develop and experience AR/VR content.

Concept for the startup:

Team Techxr realized that the concept of AR-VR was only popular in the west, but not in a developing nation like India. They reasoned that the low adoption of this technology in India was due to expensive hardware, lack of relevant content, and low developer base. TechXR was conceptualised to solve all these challenges with a multidimensional approach. Their aim is to make the largest XR developer base in India, which could serve the $10 Trillion worth of estimated opportunities in Metaverse space. India has the potential to capture 20% of the global market. This requires quality developers and content creators to meet the global demand. With the twin approach of developer training and indigenous hardware TechXR aims to achieve this goal.

Problem Statement:

Due to lack of awareness and affordable hardware and learning resources, an absolute trailblazing technology like Augmented and Virtual Reality is still out of reach to the common man of India. AICTE, the governing body for engineering education in India, has recommended conduction of AR/VR courses in universities, however, more than 99% universities are not able to launch any course due to shortage of faculty and lack of standardization of course curriculum. Expensive hardware, providing six degree of freedom movement, further compounds the problem.

TechXR’s Solution:

Multidimensional approach

  1. Hardware :Their patented SenseXR controller provides six degrees of freedom in the virtual realm. It is India’s first and most affordable XR controller device for smartphones with a price less than 5% of the alternatives available. The device allows high quality immersive AR/VR experience on smartphones. This device can work as a 3D pen, virtual 3D brush to paint, virtual hand to grab virtual objects, gun to practice aim, 3D modelling tool, virtual surgery tool etc , possibilities are limitless.
  2. Software: TechXR is making available the SDK (Software Development Kit) along with the kit so that third party Developers can create high quality interactive and immersive AR/VR content. The developed content, TechXR says, should be deployable on multiple devices such smartphones, Oculus etc. TechXR is also developing a drag and drop web based tool that allows school students and teachers to create immersive XR content with block based coding.
  3. Learning Resources:Techxr has at its founder, a team of IITians, which have developed a curriculum in AR/VR development, in consultation with IIT Faculty. It floated a 10 week online course in collaboration with iHUB IIT Roorkee, which includes AR-VR development hardware kit, doubt clearing support, placement support etc. With TechXR, the cost of learning solutions has been reduced to 10% to 15% of equivalent alternatives.
  4. Content:With the help of trained workforce, we are developing high quality immersive XR content as well for the affordable quality XR experience.

 Products and Services :

  1. AR-VR App Development Courses– Launched courses in collab with i-Hub IIT Roorkee for complete App Development Learning
  2. SenseXR Controller– Affordable XR Controller with 6DoF
  3. TechXR SDK– The Software Development Kit to facilitate XR app building
  4. TechXR Blocks– A Drag and Drop Game Development kit based on VR
  5. Ultra affordable AR-VR smart classroomsfor schools for Educational content experience and development.:

target Market

Techxr is currently targeting undergrad students and content creators who are interested in AR-VR development for shaping up their careers. They are also providing basic STEM-based AR-VR learning services to school students and tech enthusiasts. Techxr intends to unlock the immersive Metaverse experience for  70 Crore smartphone users India by providing content with affordable hardware.


Techxr has bagged the top 12 innovations award by the DoT Government of India. It has witnessed 5000+ registered learners on its platform along with MoU with 15+ Universities across India. TechXR is a seed funded revenue stage startup.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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