How to start your career as a freelancer along with your day job.

start your career as a freelancer

Starting your career as a freelancer along with your job can be challenging but quitting your job in order to become a freelancer can make you lose your financial security. Many people struggle in the early stages of their life when they quit their job in order to become a freelancer. However, if you are talented and skilled you can earn more than any job in the later stage.

The smart choice would be to spend the struggling days of your freelancing career along with your job so that you still have an income source. It could be difficult at first but with better time management and hard work you can beat it all.

Below we have explained in detail why it is so important to not quit your day job while freelancing.

The Importance

Let’s learn first why it is so important to not quit your job in the early stages of freelancing. It may seem a relaxed choice but it is definitely not a smart decision unless you already have opportunities lined up for you.

In the first year, at least you are going to need a stable income source to develop financial security and that comes from your day job. It will also help you in comparing all the aspects related to money, happiness, satisfaction, working hours between job and freelancing and then you can choose what works best for you.

And freelancing is definitely a good thing to earn a side income but in case it didn’t go as expected you are going to need something to return just in case.

Benefits of Doing Freelancing On The Side

There certainly are challenges in doing freelancing along with your job but let’s discuss the other side of the coin which are the benefits. 

A Learning Scope

You are going to learn so much about different aspects of your career. Where your day job tends to restrict you with one sort of work, freelancing will bring you more chances to learn different things. 

You are going to get so many opportunities to showcase your talent and skills and enhance them in order to become better in your career.

Increased Income

When you are freelancing along with your job, you are automatically going to have two income sources. In this scenario, time is actually money and the more you work as a freelancer, the more you are going to earn. 

Also, the freelancing career provides a lot of flexibility which makes it great to continue with your day job. 

Financial Security

Freelancing may provide you with freedom and independence but the paycheck that you get at the end of the month and the fixed amount written on it is not guaranteed with this choice. That is why keeping a job is important in order to get financial security.

A Guide To Become A Freelancer Along With Your Day Job

Time Management

Time Management is the key aspect of freelancing and when you are pursuing it along with your job, it becomes even more important. Let’s say you are doing a 9 to 5 job, which makes you are only going to find time in the night.

You will definitely need to stay awake an hour longer than everybody else but at the end of the day, it is going to be worth it. 

If you are not a night owl but an early bird then you can pick up the morning routine as well. Just manage how many hours you are going to need to do certain work and divide those hours in your whole day accordingly. 

Build An Online Presence

Building an online presence is very important and I can not stress this enough. If you want to become a freelancer you have to have your name out as a professional. Let people know your skills, your talent, your experience, etc.

Take help from social media platforms in order to spread the word and do not mix your personal profile with your professional ones. 

Reaching Out

Build a network and reach out to people as much as you can. Let everybody know that you are a freelancer because you never know where is the next project going to come from. Let everybody know what you do and what are your talents and tell them to spread the message and this is how you build a network.

Create A Portfolio

The people who are going to hire you must know about the credibility of your work and that is why it is so important to have a portfolio. People sometimes have a hard time trusting freelancers and when someone is hesitating you can just show your portfolio that will help you build trust. 

Evaluate Your Growth

If you are a part-time freelancer and have to plans to pursue it on a full-time basis then it is most important to evaluate your growth. Because that is the only way you will know whether it is the right time to quit your day job and go all in.

Evaluate how many projects you are getting, how strong is your network, how is the income flow and if everything is in check, then that is your shot.

Parting Words

So above were some steps that will help you in your freelancer career along with your job. These steps are going to get you a clear mind on how you can separate your day job and freelancing career with ease and become a pro at it. 

What do you think?

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