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A Guide Into Developing A Compelling Startup Story For Your Brand

Startup story for your brand

I am sure every startup has an inspiring story behind it. But having a great story and telling one are two different things, and today we are going to define that difference. Taking all the important and inspiring factors of your startup journey and shaping it into an influential story is a very important step to strengthen your brand.

And this is not just ‘we’ saying but the top entrepreneurs in the world believe so too. The Chief Marketing Officer of Virgin, Ian Rawdon says “the best brands are built on great stories.”  And that sums up the importance of storytelling in your brand enhancement.

To make your startup stand out you need to have a compelling story regardless of the sector in which you work. It is considered as one of the power moves of marketing strategies.

Below we have mentioned a few steps that you need to follow in order to create a compelling story for your startup journey:

Defining the difference

If you want to stand out, you need to give them a story that is different from hundreds and thousands of startups that are out there. We live in a very competitive world and we all are trying to give our absolute best in order to succeed in life but working smart and working hard are two different things and storytelling is all about smart work.

In order to understand your business, first, the customers need to understand you, and how your journey begins, and that is why it is very important to keep everything transparent and open to your customers.

There are four major parts from where you can stem your differentiation:

  • Background

 In order to personalize your brand, you need to introduce some aspects of your life concerning your startup journey to your customers. Include from where you started, what hurdles you faced while executing the idea, your passion for your startup, etc.

  • The reason

Now that they know about your background you need to tell them a little something about what motivated you to come up with such an idea for your startup and how passionate you are about your business. 

  • The journey

Then comes the part where you begin with the success story of your brand. This portion is to be told in a very motivational tone so that you have a positive influence on your customers.  This part includes how you overcome all your difficulties and hurdles while coming up with ideas and executing it and how you managed to keep the business running.

  •  The care factor

You need to show your potential consumers that you really care about them and once they join you as a regular customer they are going to receive great treatment from your business.  Along with this, you need to give out a very positive vibe from your brand because that’s what attracts the people quickly.

  • The product

Whether it is a product-based industry or service-based business, you need to keep complete transparency between your brand and the customers. Along with this, you also need to show them what would you do differently than your contemporaries. 

The problem and the solution

Why did you come up with your startup idea? What drove you towards selecting the very concept that you used for your business? The answers to all these questions should be included in your startup story. 

The tone of this part should be something that reveals that you noticed a problem in the same industry and something that needed to be fixed and your startup is the ultimate solution to tackle that problem. It also makes you be different from others.

Empathize With Your Audience

Make your story relatable to the common man. Show them what it means to you and how connected you are to your idea. Give an emotional touch to your story, it will help your audience build trust and understanding.

Keep It Simple, Keep It Real

The whole idea of enhancing your storytelling strategy is to get your message better and in an effective way. We are not asking you to add some false facts in your story in order to make it better. Because once the truth is out, your business is going to lose its credibility.

There are just certain ways in which you can enhance your story for the better but it’s still got to be the original one.

And one more important thing is to keep it simple and uncomplicated because if you try to put up too much in it, it will end up confusing your customers and the message will definitely not go as you expected.

Do Not Change Story For Different Platforms

Your story should be one and just stick to you. Do not create any versions of your own story to make it interesting and apply on different platforms because it will only have the opposite effect. Because consistency is the key.

So these were a few strategies for enhancing the art of storytelling for your brand. You can use the above-given steps to create a compelling story for your business. 

What do you think?

Written by Raghava

Raghava is Google certified digital marketer,Wordpress consultant and Founder at .


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