E-trio Hyderabad based startup down turning the pollution in the country with Electric vehicles.


Startup Name: E-Trio

Industry: Automobile.

Founder: Sathya Yalamanchili

India one of the largest countries in the world facing major issue with air pollution which is becoming worse day by the bay. Air is the primary thing every human being. The WHO (World health organization) released a list where 11 cities in the top are from India, which is showing us that day by day the pollution levels in the country are becoming worse than before.

Motor vehicles which are run by petrol/diesel are the major components for air pollution. We can decrease pollution with less usage of road transport. A startup E-trio came up with a solution to the downturn pollution using retrofitted cars. The main motto of this startup is to provide quality air to India by lessening the pollution.

About E-Trio:

The E-trio is the mobility startup based out in Hyderabad, which is founded by Sathya Yalamanchili and he is currently CEO of the company. The main motto of the startup is to make pollution free India and make country green. It is also planning to make government dream to make 100% usage of EV vehicles by 2030. The retrofitted cars in which regular engines of petrol/diesel replaced with retrofitted kits are having electrical and batteries engine. The startup mainly into developing of electric vehicles. The company uses various efficient technologies for the better making of vehicles.

The technologies used by the startup for the making of best EV:

Advanced motors.

High-performance batteries : Uses Lithium iron phosphate batteries for efficient usage.

Advanced intelligent controllers.

An intelligent battery management system.

Anti-slip controller.

Regenerative braking.

Technical data center.

There are many reasons you to go for E-trio:

Offerings: Our Company will provide the best EVs when compared to others. We are offering the best quality cars at nominal prices.

Our Focus: The Company mainly will look at the customer needs then they will design the products.

They will provide top quality product services without compromising.

Offer 24*7 customer supports to help and assist the customers.

The company’s manufacturing unit is under construction in Bolarum which is in Hyderabad which will be ready within a year. The startup came with two new EVs which recently got the permission from ARAI to launch retrofitted cars. The two cars are Maruti Alto and Wagon R electric. The name of car 150EV hatch which will travel up to 150km once we charge it.

The best thing is with the use of real-time tracking we can able to spot near recharge centers. We are also planning Sedan 180EV hatch which will travel 180km if we charge once. There is a big advantage with the EV kit we need not sell our old petrol/diesel engine to buy new EV which is again burden for the customers, so this startup directly placing the EV kit in old cars so that without buying new EV we can make our vehicle eco-friendly.

Etrio price comparison
Etrio price comparison

Currently, the startup is giving employment to 120 people. After the manufacturing unit set up the employment will go to around 350-400 people. The company invested around $2 million (INR 13 crore) for the manufacturing plant up to now. It is planning to join with some of the top companies from the USA Company which are based out in San Francisco. It is also tied up with the Chinese company for quick charging of the battery of the car.

The plan of the startup for upcoming days is to deliver 1000 cars every month by next year they are planning for 5000 which are zero pollution cars. With the use of EV, we can decrease pollution and we can protect our environment. That is about eco-friendly and zero noise cars which are going to rule the nearby future in India already many are going for this about it needs more support from the public.


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