Driveu first driver aggregator app is providing drivers on hourly basis.


StartupName: DriveU

Start Year: 2015

Founders: Ramprasad Shastry, Ashok Shastry, and Amulmeet Singh Chadh.

Startups will take birth by solving real-time problems in society. There are many startups up to now which made their mark in the startup ecosystem. In metropolitan cities daily we came across with a lot of traffic, by this driving became problematic in cities. To come out from driving problems, we opt for drivers but getting genuine professional is the biggest problem.

Even we book the driver there is no guarantee of his driving, professionalism and many more. So, taking this as the consideration Ramprasad Shastry, Ashok Shastry, and Amulmeet Singh Chadh came up with DriveU which solves the problems of drivers in our daily routine.

 What is DriveU:

DriveU based out in Bangalore, which started in the year 2015 by Ramprasad Shastry (“Rahm”), Ashok Shastry, and Amulmeet Singh Chadh. The startup operated by Humble Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd which is the parent company of DriveU. DriveU brought all the drivers under one platform. It is the first cumulative app for drivers in India.

The startup gives you safety, and security to the customers, it allows passengers to enjoy their drive by relaxing in the back seat. The services are not restricted, there are numerous services available for customers it is for hourly bases based on daily traveling, and for weekend trips. It will provide the best drivers with a minimal amount. It will save our time and energy by calling many drivers when we are in need, with DriveU you will get the driver easy, faster, and budget-friendly. With the help of the app, we can book the drivers at our fingerprints.

How does it work?

If you have a private vehicle, you need a driver at the spot no need to worry, login into DriveU and request the driver form your location by setting the time and delivery. After request instantly they will assign the driver for you by providing you with their driver’s name, picture, rating, phone number, location, distance and time of arrival.The below picture describes how DriveU works.

How driveu works


The startup is providing 4 services, they are,

Hire driver: The startup first service is Hire a driver, we can book for with the lowest prices INR 99/hr. The hire based on hours after an hour it will be calculated as per minute. If you hire more than 4 hours, you will get a good discount.

Hire temporary drivers:

If you need a driver for one day because hiring a full-time driver is expensive, you can book from the app from your location. We will provide at the spot when you need our service. The fairs are just INR 99 for an hour.

Hire by hours:

If you are going home from the office and you are not interested in driving, and you want a driver for you to drive home. We are offering the drivers based on hours bases also. The charges are INR 99 per hour.

Hire chauffeurs:

We are offering the chauffeurs services also for the clients to enjoy their services just by sitting back seat.

The fairs vary from time to time like night and day. The prices are little high in the late nights and for longer distances.

Driver selection:

DriveU will hire the drivers after examing them. First, they will undergo a screening test after that the team from DriveU check the background of the driver about his behavior, location, and all necessary things needed. In the initial stage, they started with 50 drivers. The drivers will have minimum 4-5 years experience.

After the selection, a team will give training for the hired drivers how to behave with the customer, rules, and regulations while driving the vehicle. If you are a professional driver, and you want to earn extra income then, you can join.


While coming to the funding of the startup, it has raised funding various times. In the starting of 2017, it raised INR 7Cr through Unitus Seed Fund.

It also raised $3 million from pre-series A funding, which is lead by  Singhal Foundation in the starting of the year 2018. The investors participated in this funding round are  Unitus Seed Fund, Geoff Wooley of Patamar Ventures, Rajeev Madhavan of Clear Ventures and some other investors.

In November 2018 it raised INR 7Cr from Stevens Creek Ventures which is based out in Silicon Valley. This fundraiser is for expanding its operations over various places in the country.


The startup started its journey with 50 drivers and 100 drives per week. The startup served more than 1Lakh people and 5Lakh safe drives. As it based out in Bangalore, later it spread its operations over various metropolitan cities in the country like Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pone.

It acquired a startup called CallAtHome which is also providing the drivers to customers at their doorstep in the year 2016. The main aim of acquiring is to expand its services in Gurgaon.

In the year 2017, it acquired DriversKart which is based out in Chennai based on an equity basis.Even it acquired its Zuver, which is also in the same field.

Recently the startup is partnered with an insurance company Acko to provide insurance to the customers who are hiring drives from DriveU. This insurance is for the safety and security of the car and customers if any damage occurs while driving the company will pay for the customers. It is the first kind of service.

If you want to hire a driver any time anywhere, download DriveU to book your driver at your fingertips.



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Written by Devender Jadi


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