Courier Cart: A Thoughtful Initiative and An Innovative Idea In India’s Logistics Services

Courier Cart

In a world where the internet is your new shopping platform, online delivery has played a crucial part. Needless to say, it is an emerging industry that has given innumerable opportunities to entrepreneurs who are willing to try their luck in new areas, and one such entrepreneur is Mr. Narender Tiwari. 

Mr. Tiwari is the founder of Courier Cart which is the new Online Courier Shipping Service Company in India that provides extensive pickup and delivery services of your parcels across the country at your fingertips. The services are designed for everyone whether you are a retailer, shop owner, businessman, student, housewife, etc. You can send your couriers from anywhere at very affordable prices.

Mr. Narender Tiwari who has worked with several known companies after graduating in Commerce from Delhi University started his career with the logistics industry TNT in the year 2005. After that, he also worked with Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Ltd, Delhivery, Bluedart, etc. In his total of 15 years of experience in the industry, he has perfected his knowledge of the field.

Courier Cart belongs to the Ship Axis Courier Cart Private Limited Company and the company got registered in June 2020. The company has also gained recognition and certification under the Startup India scheme by the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade. 

Services Provided by Courier Cart

Where the traditional courier service requires you to post the documents or your stuff by going to the nearest office, Courier Cart has made the process even more convenient by providing the pickup services to your home or office so that you can get the process done hassle-free. 

You can book your appointment with Courier Cart by going to their website and fill in some mandatory details. And that’s about it.

For Regular Services: Same Day Delivery within City

And For Business Customers, Courier Cart provides:

B2C Services AIR Mode

B2C Services SFC Mode

B2B Services AIR Mode

B2B Services SFC Mode

The Idea and Inspiration behind Starting Courier Cart

India, which has one of the biggest courier network organization has not yet updated its services with something that provides the pickup service from your home as well. And during the lockdown which got implemented because of the pandemic, people were unable to come out of their houses, and in this scenario, when someone had to send something on an urgent basis, they were facing a lot of difficulty with that. 

That’s when Mr. Tiwari realized that the country needs a courier service that also provides pickup service from home and gets everything done very conveniently. After discussing the matter with his colleagues, Mr. Akash Khurana, Mr. Sukhveer Bhutoy, Mr.Mukesh Sharma, Mr. Subir Bhattacharya & Mr. Hari Shankar the idea behind Courier Cart was successfully implemented. 

Courier Cart lets you book your Courier through their web page for your service and then you can conveniently send some urgent documents to another city, medicines to someone in your family, move your stuff out of your home or office, and get it to deliver wherever you want and all this at the click of a button and at a very reasonable cost.

The Factor Which Makes Courier Cart Different from Other Companies

Currently, the customer base of Courier Cart is C2C and they are currently executing their plan with their own business associates. However, their future expansion plans include taking their customer base to B2C and B2B.

They are also taking a very thoughtful step by providing other people with an opportunity to do self-business and thereby reducing unemployment in the country. 

The First-step Towards Courier Cart

Mr. Narender Tiwari shares the story of how his personal experience encouraged him to do something that will not only solve an issue but will also benefit a lot of people.

The shortcoming of our logistics industry first came in Mr. Tiwari’s mind when during the lockdown period in March 2020, his sister had to send some urgent documents but due to the nationwide lockdown, she was restricted to go anywhere for posting the documents and meanwhile Mr. Tiwari was also stuck up in Mumbai. 

In a similar scenario, he also came to know that someone in his knowledge had to send his father some medicines but due to the restricted movement, was not able to courier it.

And these were just a few examples of what was happening during the lockdown period whenever someone had to courier something.

This when the idea of starting an online courier company came to mind that will also provide pickup services along with same-day delivery within the city.

This idea is aimed towards removing the hassle of finding a courier centre and posting something from there and works on providing the pickup services at your home.

After that, they gave this idea a real thought and started working on it sincerely. 

Since then they have been working on different aspects of executing the idea such as the technical possibilities, team size, process analysis, planning, and further execution, and such.

For the investment part, the founders used their own savings to fund their idea.

The company is currently at its growing stage and although the founders admit that there has been a competition in the area, but they are also confident that with their dedication and passion towards serving the people with the right idea and ability to give their customers the absolute best, they will reach the success they have hoped for courier cart. And since they are from the Courier & Logistics industry, they are aware of the Customers pain points & are dedicated to providing solutions to their customer through courier cart.

With the help of proper planning and execution and the kind of knowledge and experience that Mr. Tiwari and his colleagues have in the logistics industry, they are hopeful towards the future.

Future Plans of Courier Cart

Mr. Narender Tiwari shares that if everything worked out the way He had planned then Courier Cart will have their Self Presence in each & every corner of India and will provide employment to about 5 lacs people in the country.

A Piece of Advice for Entrepreneurs

Mr. Tiwari shares that in order to be successful in their respective business, the entrepreneurs must focus on the planning and execution of their idea and make goals for the future, then divide those goals and work on them individually for better results. And the important part is to be patient. Give your business some time and you will definitely see the results. 


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