Byju’s Managed to Become A Decacorn as Mary Meeker’s Bond Backs Indian Online Learning Startup


After Paytm and Ola, now Byju’s has become the third Indian Startup to be a decacorn. After getting an undisclosed amount of funding by Mary Meeker’s Bond which is a worldwide technology investment company, the Online learning startup’s valuation soars $10.5 billion.

Mary Meeker that operates the company has also invested in pretty valuable startups or companies before, such as Facebook, AirBnB, Doordasg, Pinterest, Uber, Slack, and many others and as we can imagine, all these companies hold a great value and have been performing really well.

As of May and April, the Edtech Startup, Byju’s has managed to gain 13.5 million more customers and now it is all set to dominate the education sector if it’s not already.

The CEO and Founder of the company, Byju Raveendran has issued an official statement in which he said, “The partnership between Byju and Mary Meeker’s Bond is a testament and with the help of this, the company would be helpful in making the students learn better and also they get to customize their abilities with the help of this platform.

In today’s world, as everything is going digital, education in the form of online learning has also become a crucial part that has already shown its importance to us during this pandemic and Byju has been trying to provide with the students exactly that.

The rising global interest in education on a digital platform is also a result of it. This is not it, Byju has also managed to become the latest entry in the  Forbes Billionaire list after having a new worth of $ 1.9 Billion.

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