Some people are born responsible. Some accept responsibilities through the passage of time. And yet others have responsibilities thrust upon them. And responsible people, more often than not, are forged in the fires of dreams. Today, we’ll talk about a similar story. A story that was conceived long before the nation was abuzz with it. A vision that is now being deemed as revolutionary. A campaign that brought the country into a frenzy a while back. We’ll talk about being ‘vocal for local’ and how BYLOAPP was doing it way before the Prime Minister brought it into the limelight.

As a resident of Indore, Rohit Verma had often gone through the same problem of not being able to gain proper access to wares offered by local merchants. The consumer in him had witnessed first-hand, how important did the availability of some things become at certain times. The messy state of affairs of the local businesses in the city made him wonder what he could do to make it better.

The solution was not too far away. A couple of years back, Rohit had everything aligned for him to pursue an entrepreneurial career in the United Kingdom. He was spending a well-deserved break in Indore before the proverbial ship set sail. With all the pieces set, this gambit left him wondering whether or not was he doing the right thing

Rohit saw that the Indian market is flooded with a lot of startups and new ideas and felt that it is full of scope and number of opportunities, resulting in dropping the plan of going to the UK for further studies and staying back here. He worked with a number of startups contributing a large piece of mind and gained a lot of knowledge that how a firm works right in the budding phase of the business life. Apart from this, he worked with a lot of MNCs and in order to that travelled to many Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and saw working culture there as well. Travelling, attending board meetings, going to business events, Rohit got everything on his plate, what he did not get was satisfaction. After working with so many companies he finally decided what he wants to do, which was doing something for MSMEs and the hyper-local market, giving them an online presence. An idea, to digitally transform 1,00,000 local businesses in the next couple of years. An idea that would become a beacon of hope for small merchants who were desperately looking for a way out to survive in the same pond as the bigger fishes.

Rohit had been extensively working in the IT & Digital sector. The experience he gained there came in very handy when he set about finding a way to break the barrier and give way to his vision. Rohit was not afraid of giving up something good because he believed he would gain something much better. He became unstoppable because he was not afraid of failures and had a vision in his mind.

The result was the birth of a firm to address this problem at the ground level. The venture was coined BYLO App, derived from BuY + LOcal. The idea was, in its roots, pretty simple.

Traditional revenue and consumers were drying up, and the market on the verge of digital death’. Market research stated that conventional businesses were struggling, and the old brigade wanted to devote more time to their core business rather than the overwhelming and time-consuming process of Digital Branding.

These businesses were well-established with niche products and favourable public opinion but were failing to market their products upon accessible platforms. The fact that they had limited knowledge of technology only added to their woes and made them sceptical, leading them to rope in individuals for each specific requirement on an added budget.

That was where Byloapp came in

Change is the only constant. In the words of Rohit Verma himself, in order to not fade away into oblivion, the local businesses needed to adapt to the changes that the new world brought. Simply put, it was high time that Indore went digital, and Rohit was adamant about making that happen.

Consequently, Rohit brought together a team of experts who could devote their time and energy towards manifesting the success and growth of these businesses via mediums such as Social Media, and the Online Digital Space. Basically, the key to winning the race in such a competitive arena arrived through technology.

Today, Byloapp has its headquarter in Indore. With over 300 clients in its ‘Digitization Wall of Fame’ and a stellar team that leaves no stone unturned to make the best out of every the situation, the Byloapp success story has already begun. In a short span, this remarkable idea has appealed to hyperlocal businesses, and they have already started to find their lost footing in the market.

Team Byloapp
Team Byloapp

The idea has also turned out to be beneficial to the customers, as they can now avail of brilliant deals and latest offers on their trusted local shops without even stepping a foot out. In times that advocate staying indoors, this is nothing short of a boon for the Tier-II cities of India.

Rohit says that the inspiration to be considerate towards other’s needs comes to him from his late grandfather, who supported many a livelihood through his real estate business. Indeed, that is a heritage one should be proud of.

It can be said that Byloapp was born out of the frustration of not being able to find, explore, and purchase products from local merchants due to a lack of digital awareness. But now, it has come down to a simple maxim. If a business is in the market, then the customer should know about it. If a customer is out in the market, then the business should engage them. Yes, it is that simple.

Working steadfastly and finding strongholds in the market every passing day, Byloapp has emerged as a service by the merchants, for the merchants, and to the merchants.


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Written by Raghava

Raghava is Google certified digital marketer,Wordpress consultant and Founder at .


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