Dr. Vivek Bindra’s initiative empowering the students entrepreneurs to build the successful startups.

“Bada Boot Camp” Event held by BadaBusiness at Hyderabad

We had the privilege to attend the Bada Business “Bada Boot Camp” at nawab’s city Hyderabad to cover the event and one of the wonderful experiences we had there. Which was organized and effectively driven by Dr. Azmatullah Khan an International Awardee, Author, Transformation Business Coach, Channel Partner, and delivered the keynotes of the Bada Business and the event to the keen entrepreneurs.

It was held at Nawab Shah Alam’s College auditorium. Being addressed by none other than Paritosh Sharma Ji, who is the Cheif Learning officer at and had an impeccable record of handling multiple startups here and at silicon valley. He left the high-paying job to push the initiative of Dr. Vivek Bindra of startup India and let entrepreneurs and startups be successful and with the same motto the Bada Boot camp was made successful with various students and other entrepreneurs, not just from the city but also from other states.

Paritosh Sharma Ji addressed around 200+ people explaining to them about startups and entrepreneurship on various questions such as, How a startup should start, what are the steps to be taken and how to evaluate an Idea and how should we launch that minimum valuable product (MVP) into the market and how to turn the feedbacks into feed forwards in a way of resolving them and developing perfect product or service according to the need of the customer and satisfying that need.

How much a mentorship is necessary and why we shouldn’t be raising funds unless you’re working on a completely innovative idea and when is the perfect time to raise a funding

How to build a profitable business, the strategies, and frameworks that will help in identifying the business elements easily.

case studies about various startups and entrepreneurs like Paytm and special mention of Nykaa and Falguni Nayar its CEO. Even with such heavy competition, she overcame the multiple competitions and became the first self-made woman billionaire in India and many case studies and many more lessons for learning.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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