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Arvind Kejriwal Hoping To See Delhi Among Top Five Startup Hubs In India

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal is working on drafting a new startup policy with leaders of different industries as well as some entrepreneurs in order to make Delhi as one of the Top 5 destinations for startup businesses to grow and develop.

An official statement has been released by the office of the Chief Minister that reads, “The objective of the draft policy is to support entrepreneurs and build a robust economic and policy infrastructure that will create new jobs and bring new competitive dynamics into the current economic system.”

The consultation for the same will be happening in two stages as said in the statement while detailing the outline of the process. The first stage will consist of taking the inputs from the industry leaders as well as young entrepreneurs to see what is their take on the matter and the second process will include taking the opinion from the public.

“Right since my IIT days, I have seen some of the most brilliant minds from India go abroad looking for better opportunities. I believe Indians are the smartest entrepreneurs in the world and all they need is the right opportunity and the right conditions to help them thrive. With this start-up policy, we aim to make Delhi as one of the top 5 global destinations for start-ups,” Kejriwal said at the meeting.

Kejriwal also cited in the meeting that last year, in 2019, the capital of the nation, Delhi had over 7000 startups and it was also among the top cities in India to have the most number of active startups.

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