Amazon Pay Has Added A Feature That Permits You To Explore and Pay Via QR Code At Local Stores

Amazon Pay

An initiative by Amazon Pay named Smart Stores has been allowing the customers to explore the products of the stores and buy them using a QR code and later the payment will also be done from the same.

The special feature by the application allows you to explore through offline stores and see all their products which have the potential to prove to be really helpful due to the COVID-19 situation.

Customers will be able to find this feature on the payment platform of Amazon. The time like this has also forced different leading brands in the sector to come up with new ideas and help the customers in order to expand their business and help them give access to credit which will render them the option to explore the products at the stores.

CEO and Director of Amazon Pay, Mahendra Nerukar has issued a statement in which he said that the payment platform of Amazon with the basic QR Code option is used by 4 million stores across India till now.

But soon as they are developing Smart Store, the experience of the customers is expected to be better as this option will allow them to pay through any payment instrument that also includes EMI and bank offers.

Apart from this, the Smart Stores will allow the customers a credit facility that works on the ‘buy now pay later’ scheme. All these additions are expected to expand the business of Amazon.

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