This is How MSMEs, Startups Can Channelise Limited Resources For Maximum Benefit Amid COVID Through Smart Data Storage

The pandemic that caused the economical crisis in the country has become the reason of suffering for many businesses. But due to the country’s ongoing dispute with China and the subsequent boycotting of the products, the Indian Government is currently focusing on Startup India Campaign and leveraging on the manufacturing of products in the country itself to minimize the export from other nations and increasing India’s economy in the process.

The motive behind this campaign is to provide these startups as well as small businesses with enough equipment and tools at hand to render them resources that will continue to contribute in their constant progress and growth. And as we are all aware of the importance of digitization and the technology factor in today’s world, we know how that has become a necessity more than a convenient option.

The last year proved to be a big hit for startups in India. The technology startups in the country raised about $14.5 Billion in investment from International as well as Indian investors. But owing to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, the startup world is currently struggling a lot and witnessing lot of challenges in the way.

Small Businesses and Initial Startups, in order to utilize the IT infrastructure and the updated IT services, must take help from the process outsourcing with a third-party data center and cloud service providers. As data generation has only increased over time, it has become expensive to store the data in their own server. This is when outsourcing with a third party data center comes handy.

This practice will not only help the business owners in combating the change brought by the pandemic in businesses but it will also help them by cutting costs.

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