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Startup India scheme The complete guide for Indian startups 2023

startup india scheme


Dear future business tycoon, we know that you have a clear business plan, and you will definitely know how to execute and implement your startup for the future of India. We are Startup India, a well-managed team totally engaged in supporting innovative startups all over India. Startup India is totally a government initiative; our motive is to promote the startup wave everywhere, helping to provide unlimited job opportunities and utilising the business mind and energy so that this will be beneficial for both society and the wellbeing and progress of our country, India. Startup India has the best startup plans, and different startup schemes are available for promoting Indian business ideas.

We truly believe that every Indian business idea will be a milestone in the country’s growth. And we respect and seek your entire business plan. Startup India will be available for you to support and fulfil your business needs. For more than 5 years, Startup India has supported various types of innovative Indian business startups. Your startup is not just a business plan to us. At Startup India, where we give all kinds of Indian startups the highest priority because it is our country’s dream to succeed in all aspects and provide a better life for our citizens. Startup India initiated the Startup India scheme to encourage and promote various Indian business ideas. So don’t waste your time, be a part of the Startup India scheme, and upgrade your startup with Startup India. We are eager to assist you.

Startup India Scheme

Startup India developed the Startup India scheme with the intention of making our country remarkable through innovative business ideas, generating large employment opportunities for its citizens, and assisting Startup India in gaining more economic growth. The Startup India scheme has resulted in the creation of 45 lakh job opportunities. Furthermore, the government of India invested more than 4 crore in startups across India through the “Startup India scheme’’.

Startup India Scheme- Key Objectives

Thus, the government’s startup scheme included three major plans or objectives. That is,

1. Simplification and handholding

As a new person to the market or starting a new startup, the first problem every aspirant faces is that regulatory formalities must be completed, include labour and environmental laws, for the successful opening of startups. There are so many difficulties that you face while dealing with this. But don’t worry because through Startup India, our scheme’s main objective is to take care of your regulatory formalities through compliance, so now you can freely and conveniently concentrate on your business while keeping your compliance costs low.

2. Funder support and incentives

Startup India created the next goal of the Start up India scheme for growing your small to medium-sized business. We know that funding is the main issue most Indian startups are facing today. Startup India created the “Startup India Hub” to help you run your business independently. As a stakeholder, Startup India Hub will work for your startups and collaborate with the central and state governments, as well as various financial institutions. Under the Startup India scheme, Startup India assists in your major business processes and organises every startup to participate in essential mentoring programmes.

3. Collaboration and incubation between industry and academia.

The startup India Company’s sole purpose under the start-up India scheme is to facilitate collaboration between various startups and the government and other startups in India. For this purpose, the Startup India Scheme developed a mobile app. Through this mobile app, every startup can complete their Startup India registration, track the status of their application for registration, and download their digital registration certificate anytime. The app will allow every startup to file for compliance and obtain information on various clearances, approvals, and registrations. This app will help every business collaborate easily with other startups and incubators.

Every Indian start-up can easily enjoy the most important business benefits through these major plans of the Startup India Scheme.

Startup India Scheme –Eligibility

If you want to apply for the Startup India Scheme, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Your startup must be created for the production, process, or service of the innovative outcome, and it must also be created to create wealth and more employment. And the outcome must be scalable.
  • The startup’s operation and existence cannot exceed 10 years from the date of incorporation.
  • The company type must be a registered partnership firm or limited liability partnership, and it should be a private limited company.
  • Startups that were formed from existing ones are ineligible for the Startup India scheme.
  • Should have an annual turnover not exceeding 100 crore for any of the financial years since its Incorporation

Consider these 5 things before you proceed with Startup India scheme.

Startup India Funding-Startup India Seed Fund Scheme

Finance is the main constraint facing most of the startups in India. In the Startup India scheme, we will help every Indian business idea obtain essential capital at an early stage for the smooth running of their business. Under the Startup India Scheme, we developed the Startup India Seed Fund Scheme. The objective of the seed fund scheme is to provide financial assistance to startups for proof of concept, prototype development, product trials, market entry, and commercialization.

Startup India –Core Benefits To Indian Startups

  • Tax exemption- Startups registered under the Startup India scheme are exempt from paying taxes for the first three years.
  • Incubator phase- The Startup India scheme has an incubator phase. In this module, the public-private collaboration is encouraged. The phase equips the startup with the necessary information and assistance that start-ups need.
  • Research advantage- Those with an entrepreneurial aspiration are also encouraged to engage in research and innovation through Startup India. For this business startup, India created a number of research initiatives.
  • Startup India mobile app- Startups participating in the Startup India scheme can access all of their benefits through the Startup India mobile app. Startup India’s mobile app makes it simple for startups to register under the Startup India scheme.
  • Networking- Startups have the chance to network with other startup stakeholders through the Startup India programme at a certain location and time. This gives entrepreneurs a fantastic chance to evaluate at other startups as they expand and develop in addition to seeking finance.
  • Government tenders- Obtaining a government tenders is very difficult for startups. But startups registered under Startup India are eligible for government tenders.

These are the main benefits startups can enjoy under the Startup India Scheme. Apart from these, there are many advantages available for innovative Indian business ideas. As a new startup firm or business person to the market, you can clearly enjoy all of these benefits from the Startup India scheme. Under Startup India, we believe that we can support your business with a lot of opportunities and little compliance. Don’t waste your time on any constraints; forget your difficulties and achieve your dreams with Startup India.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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