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Get Your End-to-End Parking Management Solution with Get My Parking.


Does your parking facility use old or manual systems that cause inefficiencies and increase staffing costs? Well, then it’s time to invest in an end-to-end parking management solution by Get My Parking (GMP) to take your operations online.

Why Do You Need GMP’s Parking Management Solution?

GMPs parking management solution digitally streamlines and automates the essential operations of a parking lot like issuing permits, collecting payments, gathering vehicle data, and much more. It helps you do away with messy paperwork and parking logs that are difficult to store and revisit. Since such a solution facilitates real-time monitoring, it ensures the safety of vehicles and staff alike.

Besides, various government authorities want better traffic law enforcement. GMPs smart parking solution can help detect violations and generate fines digitally

What Does GMP’s Parking Management Solution Do?

GMP offers user-friendly IoT-powered smart parking solution:

  • You can track the vehicles entering and exiting in real-time. A monitoring tool boosts the safety of the parking lot.
  • The solution can issue digital parking permits for various locations. This way, your customers don’t have to stop to collect their parking tickets. Happy customers are always good for business.
  • This solution automatically tracks the expiry of the permits.
  • It offers the parking lot manager to monitor all activities through a unified, user-friendly dashboard.
  • The solution can also generate reports on space utilization, revenue trends, etc.

Don’t Want to Invest in Overhauling Your Entire Parking Infrastructure? 

We understand that substantial costs may be involved in overhauling your entire parking infrastructure. But, with GMP’s smart parking applications, you don’t have to do that! Our solution seamlessly integrates with your legacy equipment and also connects with the GMP Suite cloud.

So, old or new, our end-to-end parking solution is capable of interoperability, thus creating an ecosystem of traditional hardware and new-age solutions. What’s more, the GMP smart parking solution is compatible with any make or model of third-party vendor equipment.

How Can the GMP Smart Parking Solution Help Cut Costs and Drive ROIs?

For starters, it saves you the cost of purchasing a deluge of new hardware. But that’s not it! Usually, when you install any new solution, a significant amount of time and resources are spent training the designated staff. GMP’s parking management solution is different! It comes with a carefully designed, user-friendly interface that requires minimal training. This way, you end up cutting down training costs.

Further, with the GMP smart parking solution, you have an easy way to monitor even the remotest corners of your parking garage. This lets you do away with overheads such as deploying parking staff in substantial numbers.

Lastly, easy access to a parking lot may encourage drivers to park in your garage over other ones in close proximity. Knowing that they won’t be stopped at entry or exit can issue a parking permit digitally and pay for the ticket electronically will bring in more vehicles.

GMPs parking management solution makes all the above rationales possible, thus substantially contributing towards cost-cutting and higher ROIs for your parking business.

To Sum Up

A solution for all! GMPs end-to-end parking management solution is crafted to help parking lot owners, managers, and drivers. Here is a system that extends a bird’s eye view of your parking facility. This solution also provides offline support when needed and digitizes your parking lot in just under 15 minutes.

A cost-effective solution that allows you to automate permit management, payment collection, and much more, GMP’s smart parking solution is the way to go if you want to optimize your parking operations.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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