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From ‘10- Minute Delivery’ to ‘Delivery in minutes’.

Recently, Blinkit dropped its claim of ‘delivery in 10 minutes’ to ‘Delivery in minutes’. Blinkit, previously known as Grofers, was acquired by Zomato. There are many theories as to why Blinkit chose to let go of this promise.

Blinkit is facing stiff competition from rivals like Zepto and Swiggy’s Instamart. Zepto is still keeping its 10-minute delivery promise. Factors like the reluctance of investors towards startup funding; dark store expansion, shortage in the delivery workforce, and rise in fuel prices may have contributed to such measures taken by quick delivery companies.

Clubbing of orders for economic benefits is said to be responsible for increased delivery times. Quick delivery firms not delivering their orders on time. It is seen that the companies are taking even more than half an hour to make a delivery. Swiggy has also let go of its marketing communication from “15-30” to “groceries in minutes”.

There are certain peak times for groceries delivery when these quick delivery firms have to rush to make their deliveries on time and for the rest of the day, the delivery staff sit idle. Breakfast times are one of the peak hours when grocery supplies are much needed.

Because of the many factors involved, which include prevailing market conditions, the quick commerce industry is witnessing many changes. Changing its claim from delivering in 10 minutes to ‘delivering in minutes’ is one of them.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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