Episode #2 Indian Government Bans TikTok and 58 Other Chinese Apps

The tensions among India and China were already growing high and now the government of India has decided to ban Chinese applications from the country. The step is clearly the result of the dispute between Indian and China when China after deliberately starting the attack, killed 20 Indian soldiers and injured 70 of them.

The clash happened in Ladakh at the Indo-China border and after the event, the citizens of the country started an unofficial moment encouraging others to ban Chinese products and their applications. The moment marked the beginning of something more serious between both the countries.

But now the Indian Government has given an official slap to China by banning their 59 applications including the one that was one of the highest grossers worldwide such as TikTok, UC browser, etc. The motive behind the initial citizen’s response as well as now the government’s is to give China an economic backlash.

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