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Amazing Conversation with the fabric experts, who founded

Introduction about the Founders. 

The founders of the Fabcurate are Satish and Urvisha Panchani. Satish holds a master’s degree in microsystem engineering from Germany’s HSB Hochschule Bremen. He has four years of experience as the CEO of Fabcurate and has worked as an R&D engineer. Born and raised in a city known for its textile industry, Satish had a passion for bringing about changes in the textile sector.

A bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications is held by Urvisha. She has been managing operations at Fabcurate for the past two years and has three years of expertise in human resource management. She comes from a business-oriented family, making it simple for her to get a career in the textile industry.

About the Startup.

The main aim of Fabcurate is to honor those who are passionate about fashion and style. Although it was an extremely competitive industry, we never lacked zeal or confidence when we first launched our business. It is an honor to work in the textile sector and fabrics have taught us a lot. Although it is difficult to keep up with how quickly our environment is changing, we have managed to maintain a respectable level of standards. We were founded in 2018 and have our headquarters in Surat, Gujarat.

How did they get the idea or concept for the startup?

The concept for Fabcurate was developed by examining people’s preferences for fabrics and their need to keep current with fashion, not by looking at competing firms. Since the company’s founding, its trademark has been developing distinctive goods and services. Fabcurate was founded to satisfy the needs of fashion enthusiasts. Something distinctive and dependable was required on the market. We are not your normal fabric shop where the only goal is to make a profit by selling fabric. Before beginning, we conducted extensive research on consumer preferences and if they were truly satisfied with the products they were receiving.

What is innovation or unique about your startup or business?

We provide flexibility and liberation. The thing that is closest to us is fabric. Anyone may create their design and submit it to us for printing on fabrics. And only when he or she likes the overall product, then may they order; else, it’s not required. We look after our clients after the sale. We lead them all the way through. We promote Indian arts and customs. A huge selection of tastefully made collections of various fabric types.

What was your mission and vision at the outset?

To have a position in every person’s wardrobe and become a worldwide leader in the fabric industry. Always have a distinct viewpoint, and introduce adaptable collections. Our largest profit comes from having a customer base that trusts us. We aim to be at the top and strive to achieve it. We will do it shortly thanks to our knowledgeable workforce and a clear goal.

What service(s) or product(s) do you offer?

Along with traditional Indian clothing like sarees, blouses, and other items, we provide a wide variety of materials. We also provide men’s shirting materials. At Fabcurate, you can also purchase digitally printed textiles with distinctive designs and customization. With these fabrics, you can make traditional or western outfits both and that makes them versatile. We look after our clients after the sale. We lead them all the way through. We promote Indian arts and customs. 

Describe the current problem in your sector and how your company provides solutions?

We believe that because of internet commerce, individuals have many options but cannot choose precisely what they want. We thus have the choice to customize textiles here. If you have that thought in your head and tell us about it, we’ll make it come true. Everything takes place inside, and we have the resources. Therefore, we check the fabric’s dependability and quality. Another advantage of having all the resources in one place is that processing takes much less time and the cost is reduced too.

Write about your market and Who is the target audience? is`

There has been a tremendous reaction from throughout the nation and even from other countries. Every region of India is served by our web presence. Additionally, we have already gone beyond our breaking point in other nations. We want to quantify the influence of our brand. Most of the target demographic is made up of women and girls of all ages. We provide direct fabric delivery to clients, i.e. B2C.

Your Success so far, Achievements and Milestones.

We had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from all parts of India, and we are proud of that. Despite our accomplishments, we still have a lot on our plates. We want to say that the materials and patterns we offer are exactly what a generation like this needs since we ship orders all over the world, not only to India. The name Fabcurate has been recognized in the textile business as a trustworthy and reputable company.

Tell us about your last funding round or How much are you ready for the funding?

We are not funded.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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