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MediGence Launches Telemedicine to make Virtual Care for Critical Conditions Accessible, Simple and Secured

Critical Care Consultations promise to be easier than ever before.

MediGence is proud to launch the Telemedicine platform on May 4, 2021. Telemedicine is a virtual care medium that has made it possible for you to consult with doctors from Dubai, Turkey, Spain, India, Thailand, Lithuania, and the US from the comfort of your home. It is a forward-looking consulting solution that will give a huge impetus to the efforts to bring healthcare closer home.

Telemedicine has been launched by MediGence, a medical travel company helping people discover high quality treatment. It helps you in both reconfirming the diagnosis and in the effort to seek a second opinion. This virtual consultation medium is simple and user-friendly. As a user, you need to go through only a few steps to get the guidance you need from the doctor of your choice.

1 Search the Doctor by Specialty / Location / Name

2 Select the Doctor for the consultation

3 Select the Date and register

4 Upload the documents securely

5 Pay online      

6 Consult with the Doctor

“Telemedicine launched by us at MediGence is revolutionizing the access to healthcare especially for critical conditions and enabling its reach beyond boundaries. This innovation is a small contribution in aiding patients and healthcare professionals to find the best cure. It encourages healthcare to become personalised and within easy reach for everyone,” Mr. Amit Bansal, Founder & CEO, MediGence said.

About MediGence

Founded in 2016, MediGence is a technology driven global platform to find and leverage the best-in-class overseas medical treatment options for a memorable patient care experience.

Following our brand statement ‘Enabling Better Healthcare Decisions’, we are focused on empowering our medical travelers to take the right healthcare decision using technology and create a better experience for their treatment overseas.

Telemedicine provide 24*7 Assistance with extended support for Medical Travel in over 20+ Countries.


Ravi Tilekar

Written by Ravi Tilekar


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