The Amazing Interview with Anisha Dossa Aibara, Co-Founder & CEO at

Can you tell us about Jify’s involvement with Leadup Universe and how this partnership came about?

Jify had partnered in EOTF edition one and believe in the indispensable trifecta of people, systems, and innovation within thriving organizations. Its findings underscored the paramount importance of a ‘people first’ approach, showcasing that enterprises offering exceptional platforms for their employees are more likely to achieve sustained long-term growth.

Tell us more about EOTF 2023 where Jify and Leadup Universe have collaborated on

Employer of the Future (EOTF) 2023 study highlights the exceptional practices of industry leaders and facilitates insightful conversations with some of the brightest minds in India Inc. In an era that demands agility, resilience, and innovation, it is crucial for businesses to learn from one another’s successes and challenges. The EOTF forum with its study and various engagement formats throughout the year provides an unparalleled platform for exchanging ideas, igniting profound insights, and crafting ingenious solutions for the future of work.

Leadup Universe has a strong focus on education and mentorship. How does Jify see itself contributing to this aspect of the organization’s work?

Jify realizes that attracting and keeping the best talent is not just about the paycheck, it’s about creating a workplace that inspires and empowers its employees. Financial awareness and mentorship around the same is also very important and Jify has partnered with LUU to reach diverse organizations across the country

How does Jify plan to continue supporting Leadup Universe in the future, and what are your hopes for the partnership going forward?

Via the roundtables the engagement will continue and they will partner to spread the awareness around financial wellness across India

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Jify’s involvement with Leadup Universe and the impact you hope to make through this partnership?


About Jify:

Jify aims to cater to the 250M+ workforce in India that are underbanked with limited to no holistic financial solutions. The company partners with corporates and enables access to on-demand salary at 0% interest and instantly repaid via the payroll process by the corporates. Jify is changing the way the workforce gets paid – ensuring that 70% of the workforce that live paycheck to paycheck, no longer face a drain on their finances from high-cost borrowings, default fees etc.

About Anisha Dossa Aibara, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Jify: Born in a family of freedom fighters and entrepreneurs, Anisha is a renowned, Mumbai-based entrepreneur. She leads the product strategy, customer delivery and growth, building strategic partnerships and funding at the company. She’s also a mother, a sports enthusiast, and an adventure seeker who comes with a noteworthy background in investment banking.
Over the years, she has led business diligence and closed $100 million plus investments across B2B, B2C, tech and healthcare sectors to name a few. She has also worked in the development sector during her employment years, where she fulfilled the responsibility of impact investing and strategic philanthropy at Dasra. She’s also worked closely with underprivileged communities and advised & directed funds from international funds to scale social enterprises.

This included building innovative financial structures to create a wider impact on individuals’ sanitation and provide a stable social return. A graduate of the London School of Business, she first laid the foundation of her career as a management consultant with Bain & Co. As of today, she is famous for Jify to be the employed workforce’s personal finance app of choice.
She sees the company becoming an employee benefit given as best practices similar to medical insurance in the coming time.

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Written by Ravi Tilekar


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