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Omitra Hyderabad Based Startup Making Rail Journey Easy And Comfortable.

Traveling is the most enjoyable thing on the earth. Lakhs of people will go from one place to another place by bus, train and other modes of transportation. The long journeys will take place on the trains only, because of the comfort and facilities. The railway carries daily 23 million people approximately. Many will use the rail is the mode of transportation mainly because of fare.

The Long journey will have complications while we are traveling with the family and we did not get the seats in the same coach; then it will be tough for the family members for knowing their needs every time. So to solve this problem and connect people in the train Mr. Vikas Jagetiya came up with a solution, to start the social app in the year 2014.

The reason behind Idea:

The founder mentioned the different reasons behind the start of the startup, among them one situation triggered the founder to start the enterprise.

While I am my college days I was traveling from Hyderabad to Warangal by train, the timing is 4:00 AM so I need to wake up until the train reaches, by wasting my sleep.

Once my wife and my friend’s wife traveling on the same train but in the different places/coaches. They want to exchange the seats with the co-passenger, but they are unable to do so.

The main reason for starting the social app in founder words:

Once I was traveling from Rajasthan to Hyderabad by train its very long journey, it has taken almost one and a half day to reach my destination, I felt bored. No one to talk all is busy with their smartphones. It’s made me think about the problems in the complete journey on the rail journey, so he made brainstorming came with the solution called as “OMitra”. Innovation comes from the real-time problem solvers he adds.

About the startup:

There is some feature which makes the startup unique from the other applications. The OMitra is the first online social app for connecting the co-passengers in the trains. This application makes the co-passengers to meet and spend some quality time with each other.

Live update:

The journey always starts with boarding the train, before it’s reaching the boarding station, what is next station once we registered with the app, every 15 minutes we will get an update.

Food in the Train:

If the journey is for short distance then no need of food, if its more then one day journey, then we need to look out for food at every station. So they also planned to include the ordering of the food through the application.

Seat Exchange:

The family traveling in the train, there is a possibility of not getting the births at the same cabin. There is a fear for the family members that how are the members of the other cabin. If we want to exchange the seats, we need to ask every person. There is a possibility of accepting and rejecting the request. So by using this application, we can exchange.


Omitra application helps the passengers on the train to increase the communication between the passengers. This app helps to meet business personals traveling on the same train or cabin. The business person can meet each other and expand the business.

Wakeup Alarm:

In the train journey, we have the tension of missing our destination stage. So this making them not to sleep. By using this app, we get the remainder before 30 minutes our destination.

Pickup Reminder:

After reaching the destination, we need to wait for the pickup. It will take more time, so to decrease the waiting time the app will send a reminder to the pickup person.

Taxi booking:

The taxi booking is not easy in the cities. This app makes the people book the taxi without any problem.

Security to the passengers:

This social app connects the all the passengers in the same cabin by providing the all the details of the co-passengers. The app will not reveal the contacts and details of females. It’s the individuals choose to share their personal information in the application. The app gives 100% security to customer information.


The application is reaching many people since its launch, in the play store there are 23K downloads in the year 2015. The downloads reached more than 1lakh downloads in the year 2018. The app is growing 10 percent every week. The startup is helping the passengers, to have a peaceful journey from boarding point to the destination and it’s connecting the co-yatri in the same cabins.

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